Iconic bags and accessories from international designers

Iconic bags & accessories

The international fashion world is small. Every season you meet each other in showrooms and during fashion shows. The two of us, Nikki and Laila, met on a flight to Rome. Two fashionistas, who couldn’t stop talking during this legendary flight. The passion for fashion is our common denominator.

And it didn’t stop after this one meeting. Laila, with her nose for trends and an enormous network, and Nikki, with an eye for detail in the designs and a strong business instinct, decide to work together. This is how Bloombay was born. We opened Bloombay in 2014 in a beautiful art deco building in ‘t Gooi, decorated with natural materials. The environment is fairytale-like and inspires us every day. Our philosophy is: “Always follow your gut feeling. That’s when the wisest decisions are made. ” (Oprah Winfrey). That is why we choose collections that we think are great ourselves and that meet our quality standards. We constantly strive for the best for Bloombay: a picturesque environment, an architecturally high-quality interior with traditional materials, the beautiful collections of top brands and excellent service.

We still travel, you will regularly find us on the plane to Milan, Paris, London and New York on our way to do our purchasing and visit fashion shows. Our passion for fashion and the ultimate designer bag means that we are always on the search for special accessories from iconic brands.

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